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Legacy Testimonials



Six months ago, I began feeding my 2 Chocolate Labs, Diesel & Hemi, Legacy Large Breed Adult.  In two weeks, I began noticing a difference in their fur, and it is now pleasantly soft and silky!  Normally, I keep the bags of dog food in the kitchen and the dogs pay no attention to them.  However, since bringing Legacy into the house, the bag of food must be hidden in a cupboard or the dogs will rip the bag open.  This is definitely a flavor they crave!  I am certain Legacy will meet and exceed Hemi’s increased nutritional requirements when she is pregnant with her first litter of puppies this spring. 

Diesel and Hemi are my furry children so I wanted them to have the best.  We seem to have found this in Legacy! 

Thank you very much!

“Legacy is simple the best dog food available on the market and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves and wants the best for their pets.”

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for you taking the time to explain the high ethical standards used in choosing quality foods for your pet products.  It is so important for pet owners to be able to contact the manufacturer of pet foods to seek information and advice on the use of their products.

I have been feeding my two golden retrievers Legacy dog food for a couple of years now when your product was recommended by Mary Lou and Mark from the Pet Feed Mill in Owen Sound.  My dogs love the food and their coats are beautiful and shiny and their stools firm.  I really appreciate the zipper closures on the bags which ensure freshness.

I recommended Legacy dog food to my son who owns a German Shepherd which was trained for police work but didn’t meet the required standards.  I was able acquire the dog for my son and when he added Legacy to the food the previous owner was feeding him, he only ate Legacy.  His coat has turned out softer and shinier since being on Legacy and he is full of vim and vigor just like my dogs.  Legacy is simply the best dog food available on the market and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves and wants the best for their pets.

Jim Russell,
Owen Sound

Over the past 10 years, I have worked as a manager for pet stores, a breeder rep, a nutritional specialist, and a demo specialist for other pet food companies.  I have tried many different kinds of food.  I’ve tried natural, holistic and eve organic.  I have now been feeding Legacy for 2 years and LOVE it.  With having different breeds, it’s sometimes hard to find a food that they all can eat and get the most out of. 

They all look and feel great, which is what I want for the show ring plus the dogs love it too! 
I would and do recommend Legacy to anyone.

Amanda Thomson

“We have been in business for the last 12 years.  We have found this food to be one of the best we have ever carried.  Thanks!”

My name is Mary Lou and I am co-owner of the Pet Feed Mill, an independent pet supply store in Owen Sound.  I am the owner of 3 teacup poodles and my daughter lives with me and she has a black pug.  I have always fed my dogs a good line of good.  My second oldest, who is 10 years old, has always been very hard to feed.  The slightest thing that does not agree with her can leave her with diarrhea and she will lose a lot of weight which she cannot afford to as she only weights 3 1/2 lb now.  When we brought in the Legacy line last year, I was quite taken with the product breakdown and decided to mix some into the food that they all were on at the time.  I was shocked when I saw Chloe picking the Legacy food out and eating it and leaving the other.  All of the other dogs switched over right away as well.  My big concern was their stools.  Again, no problem – nice solid stools making clean up easy.  My daughter is the groomer here at our store and her pug Reba comes to work every day.  She is always getting comments on how black and shiny her coat is.  My poodles have beautiful coats as well.  I have no reservations recommending the Legacy line of dog food to customers.  I am committed to feeding my pets the most natural ingredients possible and my customers trust my judgement.

My business partner, Mark Nicholls, has 3 cats.  One cat was getting quite overweight and the other had a problem with throwing up after eating.  He has been feeding them the Legacy Adult Cat since we brought it in.  The changes he has noticed are remarkable.  The one has started losing weight and the other does not throw up anymore.  He finds that the 5kg size bag will feed his 3 cats for a whole month.  He has also noticed a big difference in their coats as well.  We have been in business for the last 12 years.  We both have found this food to be one of the best we have ever carried.

Mary Lou and Mark,
The Pet Feed Mill, Owen Sound

“Thank you for your dedication to quality and good customer service!”

I wanted to send off a testimonial to tell you how much I appreciate what you do at Legacy.  Thank you for your dedication to quality and good customer service.  I have recently switched my 5 year old female Doberman to Legacy from another dog food that claimed to be “high quality.”  Within a couple days, my extremely picky dog was picking through her old kibble to eat only the Legacy kibble.  Within a week I noticed her coat was much shinier and my “free fed” dog was consuming less food and producing less wasted...  Thank you Legacy for providing a top of the line product at a very affordable price!

Alyssha Wilson, Integricare Inc.

“Jax now crawls right into the bag”

Thank-you for providing an amazing product.  Both our 7 year old field lab, Willow and our 3 year old cat, Jax love Legacy Valuing Tradition!  …and so do we.  In April 2010, I was introduced to Legacy Valuing Tradition at the ‘All About Pets Show” and hoped that it would be the answer for Willow and all her allergy issues and it has been.  Willow’s skin, eyes, nose and ears have cleared up and she is so much happier.  No more smelly itchy ears, no more globs of discharge and her nose is no longer chapped even the pigment is returning!  Willow loves her food so much that she gobbles it up instantly – which never happened with other kibble.  Willow’s coat is so glossy and she is very healthy!  Jax began to show more interest in Willow’s food than her own so we switched her too and now she crawls right into the bag.  Jax has become even fluffier than ever and is extra playful.  We have a couple of friends who, after seeing Willow’s success, have switched their dogs too.  We love, love, love Legacy Valuing Tradition and are looking forward to the new line of reward treats.  Thank-you so much.

Barbara Gowing

“Harlow is happy and healthy on Legacy Valuing Tradition”

I have an 11 month old Great Dane and her name is Harlow.  All we have ever fed her is Legacy Valuing Tradition Large Breed Puppy all natural dog food.  Harlow loves it and I have to tell you that she looks fantastic.  Harlow is healthy, happy and her coat just shines all the time.  We are very pleased with this product and will always give it to her. 

Thanks so much.
Kathe McRae

“Her poops are firm which is good for easy pick-up!”

When my husband and I got Chica our 2 month old husky/shepherd/lab mix puppy we did a lot of researching of food and came across yours.  We liked it because it is made in Canada and family run so we are not worried about recalls as brands that get their products from other countries.  Not only do we like it for Chica but she loves it as well.  Her poops are firm which is good for easy pickup, haha.  Chica is growing nicely and everyone comments on how shiny and softer her fur is.  We also have 3 cats which we are going to be starting on Legacy as well. 

Thank you for making a food for our furry kids that we can trust to give her and is nutritious.
Deb Tait

“No more throwing up for these cats!”

I thought I would let you know about our experience with Legacy cat food from the Global store in Ancaster.  We have three Siamese cats that we thought would always throw up their food.  We tried Vet recommended food, then settled on the Royal Siamese food and also their sensitive stomach food to no avail.  The lady at Global pet food suggested we try the Legacy food since it does not have the fillers like other foods.  Well, the cats loved it and the throwing up has completely stopped!  We have been able to cut down on the quantity of food since it stays down and we save money too. 

I would suggest anyone whose cats have a problem with throwing up to try this Legacy food!  We are completely satisfied with your product.

“Legacy is the best kept secret that we MUST get out”

I wanted to say that my dogs go absolutely berserk over your dog food!  I can hardly get the bag open, they sure love it!  I already have one of my friends who got a Great Dane yesterday, on it.  She said she was feeding the other brand (Canidae) and her dogs poop was so soft.  Anyways, I will have everyone I know on the food as I have about 25 pups/dogs.  Another customer came into the same Global store, tried a sample of Legacy for his dog and came back to the store in amazement.  He said his dog went absolutely insane for the Legacy food.  I think “Legacy is the best kept secret that we MUST get out!” 

Thanks again Legacy!


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